Celebrating academic excellence since 1990 

We aim to encourage our students in their own relationship with God, and to enable them to find and develop the gifts and abilities He has given them, in an environment that is warm, friendly and supportive, and conducive to growth spiritually, academically and socially. 

The development of Godly character is central to our vision, and from this we encourage students to play a full part in the community around them, to offer themselves in service, both now and wherever they find themselves after leaving school, in a way that brings blessing to those around them and gives glory and honour to God. 

To this end, we target excellence in academics and all other areas, helping students to develop their God-given talents to the best of their ability. Our Learning Centres are staffed by committed Christian teachers; daily devotions, student-led worship and small group Bible studies all contribute to the spiritual nurture and growth of students. 

We are always aware that God has given His instructions regarding upbringing and education to parents rather than to teachers, and we count it a privilege that parents should ask us to share with them in this task; we are partners with you in this responsibility, and will always recognise that yours is the primary voice in the life of your child.