Applications and fees

Our desire is for home and school to reflect each other in our Christian values and to this end we encourage applications from families with a similar Christian environment. For this reason, we would expect at least one of the parents to be a practising Christian, and both parents should be happy for their children to be educated within a Christian framework as outlined in the School’s Statement of Faith.

Please contact us if you are considering applying to Maranatha, we would highly recommend a visit! We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have and if you apply we will arrange an interview with you.

School Fees

Child Cost per term/year
Students to age 11(£)
Cost per term/year
Students age 12+(£)
1 1379 / 4136 1499 / 4496
2 905 / 2716 1025 / 3076
3 636 / 1908 756 / 2268
4+ 612 / 1835 732 / 2195
Preschool running 4 mornings a week, each session is 3 hours (9am - 12noon) £6 per 3 hour session N/A
Additional half hour £1 extra per session N/A
Additional 1 hour £2 extra per session N/A

Please note: there is likely to be a small increase in school fees year-on-year; please ask for details. 

In addition to the above, parents should calculate 18% extra to cover the cost of regular activities such as swimming, sports centre sessions, School trips and PACEs (the latter currently cost between £3.83 and £4.77 each, depending on level).