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Commitment - something we share 

At MCS we work in partnership with you in this privilege that God has given us – the raising of young lives that are precious in His sight and ours. As a school, we will always remember that God has given the first charge in this wonderful project to yourselves as parents; as providers of the educational environment in which your children grow towards maturity, we are here to offer support to you in the vision that you have for your children. 

Our commitment to you is that in partnership with yourselves we will fulfil this role to the best of our ability; our aim is to contribute to the blessing that comes to a child when there is consistency in what he or she hears and experiences at home and in school. Loving care and Godly values are the keynotes; we look forward to working with you to establish these things in the lives of your children. 

Your commitment to the School is your part in this partnership; there are a number of practical points involved, which we will discuss with you as part of the Admissions procedure in the event of an application, but the underlying principle that provides the ongoing thread to all that happens in school is that we are joining together in a mutual project to provide the kind of environment we believe to be the best for your children.

Students with English as an Additional Language 

For students for whom English is an additional language the school will provide any added support they need to access the full curriculum. 

Students with Special Educational Needs 

When a student with a Statement of Special Educational Needs comes to Maranatha School the staff will work with their parents and any associated organisations to provide a full education for them. 

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