Christian values and academic excellence

Maranatha Christian School is an independent Christian school set in a picturesque location on Queenlaines Farm in Wiltshire. We started the school in 1990 with 13 students whose parents wanted their children to have a Christian education. We quickly grew in numbers and over the years have had up to 90 students. We encourage our students in their relationship with God and enable them to find and develop the gifts and abilities He has given them. We do this in an environment that is warm, friendly and supportive and conducive to growth academically, socially and spiritually. 

In 2001 the management of the school was put into trust and is now governed by a Board of Trustees, who as parents of children at Maranatha Christian School have a vested interest in the progress of the School, and a committed and practical hands-on approach to their responsibilities. 

In recent years we have developed the School’s facilities to include new learning classrooms, art and science rooms, library, IT suite and a new Early Years Centre. We have well-established links with other Christian schools in the region, and meet up with other Christian students from all parts of the UK and Europe in the annual Student Convention organised by Christian Education Europe, the suppliers of the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum that is the basis of our academic programme. 

We are a fully accredited independent school with charitable status, and are not supported by government funding. We are regularly inspected by HMI, with whom we have a positive and constructive relationship. Our Ofsted reports are available in the About us section.

Our students work towards and graduate with the International Certificate of Christian Education, which is widely accepted by the majority of universities and colleges in the UK.