Carefully constructed and consistent method of study

The Individualised Learning Programme provided by Accelerated Christian Education forms the basis of our curriculum; based on Biblical principles and the development of Christian character and values. It is used world-wide by thousands of schools and covers the main academic areas of English, Maths, Science and Social Studies, with a wide range of elective subjects for older students. 

Whatever they are studying, it will be predicated on and accompanied by an understanding that God is the originator of all things worthwhile, and His Word is the benchmark for life. Students work at the level best suited to their individual ability. They progress at the rate that best meets their needs rather than those of small groups. 

The ACE programme approaches subjects with a carefully constructed and consistent method of study; variety is provided by the wide range of subjects available, and by the supplementary afternoon programme. 

Students take responsibility for their own progress at every turn; this is a great asset in itself, and also has the additional benefit that staff are available to help students on a one-to-one basis as needed. 


EYFS: Reading scheme used: PreSchool with Ace and Christi; ABCs with Ace and Christi

Key Stage 4 subjects leading to ICCE qualification:

  • English (Language and Literature)
  • Maths (including Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Trigonometry)
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • Social Studies (History of Civilisation, Economics)
  • Biblical Studies (Old and New Testament Surveys, Church History, Apologetics)

Other areas of the curriculum

Our timetable includes a number of subject areas from sources other than the ACE programme. 

The emphasis in these is on group-work, discussion, exchange of ideas and practical projects, as a balance to the private study of the morning sessions. 

  • Practical Maths 
  • Information Technology 
  • Practical Science 
  • Citizenship 
  • Music 
  • The Performing Arts 
  • British and European Geography 
  • English Literature 
  • Apologetics 
  • Cookery 
  • Practical Life Skills 
  • British and European History 
  • Design Technology 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Art

As a family we feel we have been greatly blessed by our decision to move our children to a Christian school. Maranatha gives them the opportunity to mix with others from different backgrounds and still enjoy normal school life, but in the safety of a loving Christian family environment where teachers support and uphold our Christian beliefs.