Celebrating academic excellence since 1990

Students at MCS do not work towards the traditional national examinations. The ACE curriculum carries its own certification programme, administered in the UK and Europe by the Board of the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE). The ICCE certificate with which a student graduates has a structure and profile similar to International Baccalaureate, and is the central feature of the Record of Achievement which accompanies each student when they leave. 

ICCE certification offers a number of graduation points across the vocational and academic range to cater for students with different abilities and aptitudes. In a recent survey, the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC), which provides benchmarks for standards of different qualifications, assessed the ICCE General and Advanced Certificates as comparable to Cambridge International O- and A-Level standards respectively. There are also ICCE certificates available for students who for whatever reason do not achieve General Level, and a higher level certificate, Advanced Plus, for those wishing to extend the range of their Advanced Certificate. 

Students who have achieved an International Certificate of Christian Education have successfully applied for places in higher education establishments, as well as different areas of employment on the basis of their ICCE certificates. Among others, the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, London, Manchester, Warwick, Bath, Birmingham, Southampton, Cardiff and Lancaster have all accepted ICCE students to read for degrees, as have organisations in other fields such as medicine. Further ICCE information is available on request. 

As a family we feel we have been greatly blessed by our decision to move our children to a Christian school. Maranatha gives them the opportunity to mix with others from different backgrounds and still enjoy normal school life, but in the safety of a loving Christian family environment where teachers support and uphold our Christian beliefs.